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The very first impression of a person and you as an identity depends a lot more on our face than we care to admit. It is quite an uncomfortable site to have unwanted hair on your beautiful face. Hides the charm actually, and that’s a shame. Get it removed effortlessly and painlessly and earn a pair of the most stunning of eyebrows and by our talented experts here at beaumonde at the lowest rates and zero pain. Visit us at our salon today!


You have got to admit, smooth and shiny glowing skin is every woman’s dream. Waxed body has almost become the norm for a charming look. Why waste your time over it when you can have it done easily, effortlessly and professionally at the experts here at beaumonde. We promise to give your skin the care it deserves. Show the world the diva you are.

Eyebrow Waxing
Wedding Facials


Dusty, polluted and ever heated environment we live in takes a huge toll on our natural beauty. So we often appear quite dull and less charming. Come unleash your true beauty with a variety of facial treatments here at kerala’s best salon- Beaumonde. Offering a range of facials from Fruit Facial, Pearl Facial, Anti-Tan Facial, Anti-Ageing Facial, Skin Lightening Facial, Gold Facial, Tan Clear Facial and so on. Bring back your glow, walk into our salon today!


Tormenting sun, unbeatable heat which gives your worst nightmares… dark uneven tone all over. Beat the sun, bleach your skin, bring back your original fairness. Bleaching more often helps to get rid of sun tanning and dark skin due to sun damage. Meet our experts today! Get ready to attain flawless, glowing and brighter looking skin.

Facial Bleaching